Diagnosis: Breast Cancer
Chemotherapy regimen: Taxotere/Cytoxan

I loved my long hair. Even on days when it didn’t quite behave the way I wanted or expected, it was part of me. I was worried when I first learned I would need chemotherapy that I was going to lose all my hair. My doctor told me about a new kind of cap for scalp treatment and said it was effective 70% of the time. He gave me a pamphlet on DigniCap and warned me it wouldn’t be covered under my insurance. I was willing to give it a try and the nurse navigator gave us more information and set up the appointments.

At my first appointment there was more information, this time defining success as less than 51% hair loss. I was a little frightened by this but determined to move forward with anything that helped. Other than a brief headache that went away the DigniCap part of the treatment went off without a hitch. I lost a little bit of hair but nowhere near what I was expecting. At my check up my doctor was openly surprised at how little hair I lost. This is when I realized that DigniCap worked and I decided to use throughout my chemotherapy.

Throughout my chemotherapy many people told me how surprised they were at the fact I still had hair and it was almost as long as before. I told people about DigniCap and how well it worked for me. DigniCap not only helped me in the obvious physical sense but also helped me mentally work through my sometimes difficult chemotherapy. Not needing a wig or head covering took away some of the stress from this terrible disease. I highly recommend DigniCap to other patients.