A study published in 2019 evaluated the implementation and effectiveness of scalp cooling with The DigniCap Scalp Cooling System.

As Published
Scalp Cooling: Implementing a Cold Cap Program at a Community Breast Health Center
Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing 2019, 23(3), 237-241
Heery, M, et al.


  • Scalp cooling devices provide patients with an opportunity to prevent alopecia during their chemotherapy treatments
  • 67 patients with breast cancer; 58 evaluable = 84% success rate of less than 50% hair loss
  • 14 patients with other cancers (gynecologic, gastric, lung) = 79% success rate of less than 50% hair loss
  • 64% of patients on anthracycline containing treatment regimens experienced minimal hair loss

An Italian study published in 2019 assessed the effectiveness of scalp cooling with DigniCap for patients receiving adjuvant chemotherapy with an anthracycline with or without taxanes.

As Published
Preventing chemotherapy-induced alopecia: a prospective clinical trial on the efficacy and safety of a scalp-cooling system in early breast cancer patients treated with anthracyclines.
British Journal of Cancer (2019) 121:325-331
Munzone, E, et al.


  • The DigniCap System was able to prevent significant hair loss in 43% of breast cancer patients receiving adjuvant chemotherapy.
  • The study had a lower than expected dropout rate with only 7% discontinuation. Among the patients that continued, the success rate was 54%.
  • None of the patients who participated in the study using DigniCap developed scalp metastases after a mean follow-up of 2.4 years.
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